Diary of a Dad – Proud Moments

This morning I went swimming with my youngest. She has been going with my wife for a little while because I have been too busy (lazy!) on a Sunday morn. So today I decided to go with her. Watching her swim up and down the pool was amazing. This is the girl who last year was fretful if her head went under water for a moment. I felt so proud of her. That moment as a Dad when you see your child progress is priceless. I felt undending pride. That is until she started floating on her back and asked me if could do the same.

I sank. She laughed. %$£*&*!
Pride can be so fleeting.

So I went last week to my eldest daughter’s parents evening. 
GIven that she goes to an independent school there has been an underlying agreement about the lowest grades that are acceptable. In two subjects she hit that grade. Oh dear. The teachers stated that she needs to make more effort in a couple of her subjects around preparation and homework. [Check – felt like it was like me back at school].
Told a couple of teachers to not be polite and say it is as they see it. They all told her she was A grade material and that less than that was indicative of her not trying hard enough. Oh and stop talking to so much in class [Check]

I remembered how sheepish I looked when I was in school. She hates me being disappointed in her.
Other parents remarked how quiet she seemed that night! Poor thing. I told her that I want to celebrate her successes and just have her reflect in the areas she could improve. I hated it when my parents just focused on the bad points and not give as equal celebration to the areas I was doing well. I refuse to be that parent.

So then on Thursday night her school had house music. In their houses they have part music, solo parts and unison. 
On arriving I didn’t realise I needed tickets. Nearly didn’t get in. Almost felt like Tim Westwood. 
She had been part of the team that won the part music section. Awesome. 
Then half way through the unison programme her house, the only girls house in the school, got called to sing their part. It started with her belting out a solo line from one of Florence and the Machines songs.
In front of 1200 people. I am not usually lost for words.

Freakin awesome. Proud moment. Not fleeting.