Diary of a Dad – Appendicitis, Kardashians and Novel Writing

What a week! All started last weekend with my eldest complaining of a sharp stabbing pain in her stomach. She was due to attend an audition that night for a role in a play, budding thespian that she is. I got dressed to take her to A&E around lunchtime but she said it wasn’t a big issue, probably wind or women’s problems! I wouldn’t understand. Apparently.

About seven that evening I had enough. Got dressed. Made her get dressed. Packed an overnight bag just in case. Made sure I had enough to pay for the exorbitant parking fees (a whole other blog). So three hours later in the children’s A&E she was diagnosed with appendicitis and admitted over night. Back early on Sunday to see her attached to a drip and in prep for an appendectomy. I found out they had sorted out a bed for me to stay the night. Given that her op was going to be on Sunday evening I thought best if I stayed. I was useless. I was asleep by 10:30pm. I could swear I heard laughing in my dreams (Apparently doctors and nurses were laughing that I was asleep). Monday morning she went in and had a successful op. Wifey was on hand to make sure it went smoothly. Us Dads have limits you know. I will say for now that the staff on the paediatric ward were amazing! How they cope with the crying kids or those in various types of pain I will never know.

Talking of pain, we had a discussion about the Kardashians. I am constantly flumoxed as to why they, or others who seem to be famous for being famous, get so much adulation. Why do young ladies see them as role models? Whilst convalescing our discussion centred around whether she would go see them at Westfields shopping centre. “What for” she retorted. I have to admit as a father in my mind I silently punched the air, glad that exposing her to other influential women in science, arts, business, sports both face to face and online garnered such a disinterest. In fact when we were waiting in A&E and reading the women’s magazines on offer, she calmly said she could understand why people buy them for the fashion but the shamelessness of some of the women was strange to her. Given the conversations online when Kardashians came it would seem that is quite novel.

Talking of novel. I started NaNoWriMo last week but have not been able to commit to it as planned. In addition to the eldest recuperating from surgery, the youngest was sent home from school last Thur feeling quite ill. Their aunty was on hand to look after them both before I came home from training. Ironically my novel is an adventure story with two sister protagonists. The plot thickens.