My Ted Talk | The Sacred Feminine


There is a song that gets a lot of play on my Spotify account at the moment. Bitch Bad is a song by Lupe Fiasco rapper and activist (pictured).

Lupe has taken to tackling the often easy and tiresome use by other rappers of the word bitch, mostly as a demeaning reference to women. His clever word play starts with the title of song and he raps in the hip hop style of music known as trap music. Trap music with its beats and methodical flow is a style associated with many of said rappers who Lupe is addressing. It is also not lost on students of psychology that this song in many ways addresses the Madonna Whore complex of Sigmund Freud, or Jerry Hall if you prefer.

Lupe, like many of my other favourite rappers and spoken word artists, throws down the gauntlet. “Brother, have a think about how you talk about and treat women”.

What has this got to do with a TED Talk?

I have been asked quite a bit over the last few months if I was given an opportunity to speak at a TED conference what I would talk about. (For the record I already spoke at a TEDx event on youth leadership). Yesterday morning I was at a youth panel and I was asked again what would my talk be about. When I got home last night I had received an email from a friend introducing me to the organiser of a TEDx event. Spooky eh?

Anyhoo if I did have the platform to speak at a TED event my TED Talk would be called The Sacred Feminine.  It would be about my responsibility, and in indeed our responsibility as men, to think about how we see and reference women on a conscious and subconscious level. How we approach the concepts of equality and most importantly how as men we can reduce the amount of violence, sexual, emotional or otherwise directed at women. Others have spoken on this I am fully aware but that’s what I would speak about.

Before any one jumps in and asks about women violence towards men, go for it, that’s just not my speech.

So now you know. Here’s the video for Bitch Bad.