The Coffee Shop | Live Debate

CoffeeShopI love posting my articles around race, gender, faith and popular culture. I love that they create controversy and throws people out of their comfort zone.

I love it that on Twitter and other social media platforms there can be some continuation of the debates. I think it makes for a healthy society when we are able to discuss quite openly some of the major subjects that affect us. Even those that tend to go against what it is we tend to value or believe in.

So I have been working on taking some of the posts I have been focused on as a blogger and putting them out into the open as debates. Unlike some other platforms I am not seeking academics or celebrities to argue for and against on these panels, just people who are passionate about free speech, debate and reasoning.

The first debate is called “Bitch. Nigger. Faggot.” and will look at the power of language in popular culture and what we consider acceptable. Or not.

Will be promoting it online once the venue is secured. Yes it will be in London. Easiest for now, but given modern technology hoping to get it online too. Grab a coffee (or warm beverage of choice) and watch this space.