What’s so Funny?

In June I will be taking the stage with 11 other men to do five minute standup for charity.
As with every speaking gig I am a bit nervous.
I am grateful for the opportunity and have been toying with some ideas.

It has made me really think about the content and how comfortable I would be sharing them.
As a default none of my content will ever veer onto territories around disability, abuse, sexual assault or homophobia. I will happily drop banter on race, gender politics, beliefs, popular culture but there are certain taboo subjects for me. It got me to thinking.

Why is this? Why do I self censure on these subjects? Who decides what is or what is not funny?
In many ways is comedy an outlet for those areas in life which can be uncomfortable but laughing at them is cathartic?

It’s an interesting process as I craft my material ready for delivery. Interesting in that more than anything else I get to question what makes me laugh, what gets my attention and why I actually think I am funny.

The details to sponsor me are here.
To attend the event book here.
It takes place on June 13th, 2013. Will let you know how it goes for those unable to attend.


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