Diary of a Dad | Drama Queens

My eldest finished school on Friday. She will be back in the autumn ready to take her GCSE in the next academic year. Where has the time gone?

In her school students earn a number of ties for various disciplines. On Friday she earned her Drama tie.

She has always enjoyed performing arts and like me when I was in school, she has enjoyed being in very school play that her year group do. A couple of weeks ago I saw the leaps and bounds she made as her drama group performed their GCSE devise piece. It was a credit to her that although my friend Jimmy aka Dr Malik in Holby City was in attendance for the play, and for a while the centre of attention, she held court when on stage. I was on the edge of my flipping seat.

Last week she performed at the Monologue Slam UK event at Theatre Royal Stratford East. In front of 400 guests including agents and casting directors. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend as it clashed with a prescheduled business presentation but I am assured by my wife and her godparents that she did us very proud.

She has made it very clear to me now that both the National Youth Theatre and R.A.D.A are clear goals on her mind. Amazing to see her stepping into something she enjoys and pursues it with the kind of passion and comittment that my wife and I have always encouraged her with.

Speaking of performances. My youngest performs her last primary school play this week. She too will be taking a big step in her schooling life as she moves up to secondary in September.
She will be playing in her school’s performance of Hairspray two nights this week. So chuffed to see her perform.

I love the fact that I have work flexible enough, give or take last week’s unfortunate diary clash to share and be present in the personal growth of both of my daughters lives and passions. A real privilege.

They are already drama queens so I guess this one of the best ways to channel it 🙂


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