This Week In Education – 21.08.2013

I have not posted on education blogs in a while. So while I have this sliver of opportunity I am going to revive this blogging theme on some of the books and blogs I have been reading around education, mainly from the UK perspective.

I have three books Seven Myths About Education , Teacher Proof and Why Students Don’t Like School which I am going to do a full review of. So hold tight.

These are the blog posts in the meantime that I have enjoyed reading as of late.

1. Meta Cognition. What Does it Mean for teachers.
A great post about critical thinking and its use in teaching. As an educator just as relevant so that we outsiders don’t come in spouting stuff that is not scientific or grounded.

2. The Case Against Stephen Twigg.
Whilst the main focus has been to lambast Michael Gove and his army at the DofE, Stephen Twigg has not come under as much scrutiny. This article turns up the heat.

3. Newham College students sees increase in Russell Group places.
I love student success stories across the board. Thing is this for me. I still hate the term disadvantaged students. I will sit with that whilst celebrating their success.

4. Toughening of GCSES put schools at risk of closure.
I can’t help but smell a whiff of social engineering.

5. Poor grades cause young to abandon ambitions.
Again I hate headlines like this but they help to shape the debate when talking to young people. Especially if they are exposed to this. Two thousand young people interviewed does not mean that all young people give up. I love the Princes Trust, but…..

6. The Best Posts About TeachFirst
I love that Laura McInerney in her blogs and tweets allows for balance on the continuing debate over what value Teach First brings. The pros and the cons. Good collections of posts here.

Aiming to make more of these socio-political commentaries on Education as we segue back into a new academic year.


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