This Week In Education – 26.08.2013

Some corkers this week that I have been reading around education.

1. Why we can’t tell a good teacher through lesson observations?
A good critique on the flaws of snapshot observations of teaching and learning.

2. I tend to disagree with Seth Godin
Great article on why people should be wary of Seth Godin and his horn blowing around education. To be honest the same critique could be handed down to Ken Robinson and Dr Sugatra Mitra or anyone else who uses TED or any other platform to misinform around education. (Comments are good too)

3. Mind Benders – The de Bono brothers
A long but great read. You will never see six hats or creative thinking the same again. Mind blowing stuff to scare the heck out of any school/SLT or teaching faculty who uses de Bono’s stuff.

4. Diary of an English Teacher
Some interesting thoughts around the tension of being a GCSE teacher.

5. The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way. By Amanda Ripley.
A book review in the Economist about educational meritocracy. Convincing me enough to go buy a copy


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