Dear Miley

As a Dad I felt a bit uncomfortable watching you a few weeks ago at the VMA’s. My daughters were big fans of your show Hannah Montana (to be honest I never got it) and had kind of watched your career, along with your other peers at Disney, develop over the last few years. So I thought I had a sense of you, but that latex thing honey, wooh, ok then.

Now a couple of things I would love to share with you if you don’t mind.

Robin Thicke. Batman Smart.
I stole that line from someone else. Funny isn’t it? No. Ok then.

I thought you were 19. My daughters reminded me that you were 20. Still I can’t help but feel a bit, let me think about his, a bit nauseated when you “twerked” on a grown man’s groin. The thing is this. I guess the organisers at the VMA’s know what’s going to happen because you have rehearsals right? Yet there was this big old should-have-known-better-married-man getting all up, sorry, getting rather aroused by your gyrations on national TV. To the point he had some problems moving across the stage post gyration. Like he had been stiffed.

I am all for art and stuff but I guess Mrs Thicke, sorry Miss Patton, may not have been best pleased. I may be wrong (see my post on blurred lines) but even still I would advise it might not be the best thing to do that kind of activity again.

He is not the smartest of dudes, see his surname, which is why I am advising you about this.

Slut Shaming
I don’t like the fact the people started calling you a slut. There were two people in that performance and whilst you did start the show with the big teddy bears and then progressed to that awkward foam glove it still doesn’t mean people should call you slut. That is disrespectful and guys don’t get that type of labelling.

The fact is there are other singers who have brought their sexy back when coming of age. Britney and her snake. Christina Aguilera in Dirrty. That made me perspire a little. Madonna. In. Everything. And Lady Gaga as we all know is not necessarily known for being demure and covered up. OK she got booed but still she has done the same. In fact I was a bit surprised that Rhianna even raised her eyebrows at you. Rhianna for crying out loud?!!!

This I say that no matter what people may comment you are not a slut. Of course you may have caused a horde of parents to never watch the VMAs again *rolleyes* but heck that is how people perceive things.

The world has no problem with men being sexy but will continue to call women who do so sluts. Unfair. Stupid. But be aware.

Cultural Appropriation
You won’t be first and you certainly won’t be the last to accused of stealing black cultural tropes for your own gain. Elvis, Emminem, Justin, Madonna (remember Vogue? No? Too young?) and a whole host of others have been accused, rightly or wrongly of cultural appropriation.

Personally I don’t have a problem with the fact that many cultural ideas that started in the black community have found their way out. It is for me a reflection of creativity. I guess it harms people when it does it mainstream and no credit is given or others ride on the fame. For example blacks were accused of misogyny and homophobia in rap and hip hop was the scourge of the media. This was in total ignorance of the depth of styles in rap which included political and social narratives as well as international representations of the genre in France, South Korea, Russia and Zimbabwe. Yet when Eminmen did the same he was feted as the best rapper ever, the great white hope and even shared the stage with Elton John. His misogyny and homophobia was dismissed as characterisation and lyrical wordplay. I guess you see where I am going here.

Anyhoo. My main point was that whilst I don’t wish any ill harm on you. You can’t twerk. Oh and Jay Z’s shout out on his album was sarcasm.

Moving Forward
I am actually glad you stuck two fingers up at people who didn’t like what you represented. That you took to Twitter to say you are doing you. Art and music is always about pushing the boundaries. Before you and Madonna there was Mille Jackson. Wooh child. Now that was some hot stuff. I think my Mum would still be angry if she knew I disobeyed her and listened to Miss Jackson.

Talking about Jacksons, Michael Jackson pushed the boundaries. All that grabbing of his genitals with surgical bandaged fingers. Give’s Beat It a whole new outlook! He is not a good example. I am just using him *cough* for reference.

So do your do but be mindful that any transition from teen star to woman performer may be troublesome. Be mindful. Surround yourself with good people. Oh and avoid that Robin dude. He is bad news.

Take care poppet

Yours faithfully,


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