Diary of a Dad | All Change Please

So this week my youngest started high school.
My eldest entered the final year of school in preparation for her GCSEs.
It is 25 years since I gave my first school speech and I am back in with my team for another year of workshops and programmes for students.

Starting High School
So back to my youngest. It was awesome to see her make that transition into high school. That awkward move where you are no longer the eldest in school as you were in primary but now bottom of the pile as it were in high school. Scared of the towering giants that are sixth formers and wondering whether or not you will make friends and how strict the teachers are going to be.

Well the first day was an experience. She caught the bus to her school with one of her friends that attended primary school with her. On the way back she missed the bus whilst waiting for another friend. Wifey was not best pleased she had to go an pick her up. Let’s just say my youngest will not be making that mistake again.

Seeing her getting into the rhythm of going to high school one morning with her satchel, in the fog, telling me she had her books, keys and phone brought back some memories of knowing my parents trepidation as I went out into the big bad world. The only thing missing were conkers on the ground.

Final Year
My eldest started school too. Back in her final year of GCSEs. A year where she gets to choose whether to stay on for sixth form or to move to another. A year where she has actually landed a work experience gig with a reputable production company which aids her future career prospects but also a year where she knows I will be kicking her butt to achieve well. Call me a harsh parent but we don’t do C’s in this house. Especially when we know that A’s and B’s are what has been expected.

Yes I may seem like a helicopter parent but the harsh reality for my children is that it is very competitive out there. I make no apologies that I encourage them to be excellent. I remind them that McDonalds now requires school leavers to have a minimum of C’s in Maths and English if they want to work there. Even though it was a stop gap for my wife and I when we were students, I hope they aim for something different.

She is really keen to follow her career path in dramatic arts an production. She spent the summer networking and putting in place plans to make this happen. I get a feeling this year is going to go very quickly.

Saturday Night
Two weeks ago I was at an engagement party followed by a 50th birthday party. They were both fun and it was actually quite nice for my wife and I to be out on a date night. No kids. Music and laughter and fun.

I realised however that as much as I love a dance I was a tad lethargic. I got a few numbers in but didn’t do much. For those that know me. I love a dance. Yet I couldn’t muster the energy. I still think I had the August shut down mentality.

Last night I found myself at home, watching the Island with my ladies and then the proms and then feeling tired by 10:30. What is that about? Well I have a full programme of work for the coming school year. So need to up the gear a bit and postpone this middle aged lethargy.

Oh I forgot to say. Last week I took on my eldest in a dance off. I lost.