This Week In Education – 08.09.13

As the new school term kicks in and the educational bloggers come back from the summer break, time to send out some of the links that have caught my attention.

Show Me The Money
“there is somewhat of a culture of fetishising pedagogy. I might be wrong, but from what I read, the teaching and learning blogs far outweigh those that consider other educational issues.”

Educating Yorkshire: Return of the King and Ting
“I particularly enjoyed how the cameras pleasingly showed kids grassing up their colleagues beautifully. I’m no psychologist, but I know enough about kids to have a guess how they’ll be received by their peers tomorrow. Maybe the producers should have some kind of witness protection program.”

Is Teach First Working
Far from damaging the education of their pupils, Teach First participants contribute positively to their schools, particularly on pupil aspirations and attainment, according to headteachers. Over 85% of headteachers surveyed said that Teach First-ers in their first years already positively influence school morale, pupils’ attainment and aspirations. Only 2% of headteachers disagreed.

Maths and Physics graduates may be offered extra £5,000 to enter teaching
The paper found that a student taking eight GCSE subjects benefitted by around one higher grade overall if there were Teach First recruits working in the school, compared with schools without such teachers.

(Waiting for) Superman Returns
TEACH was a much-needed apology for keeping teachers out of the conversation that Waiting for Superman provoked, and while it probably won’t produce any tangible results, it gave me some hope that it is the vocal minority of American politics that resent teachers, not the actual stakeholders of the public education system.

All it’s Cracked up to be
Great book review on “Why Don’t Students Like School” including a comment at the end by the author

GCSE students face new English and maths hurdle
Education secretary Michael Gove sets new demands if teenagers fail to get good enough marks in their GCSEs. Interesting view on new demands.


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