This Week In Education – 27.10.2013

Poor Mr Gove he really is getting it in the neck isn’t he? The education minister is forever on the receiving end of comments like this.

My twisted humour aside there have been a number of great reflections and commentary in reaction to some of the news and articles coming out of the Department of Education.

Free Schools
A great article by Alex Quigley aka @huntingenglish focused on why Michael Gove is wrong about qualified teacher status.

Laura McInerney (yes I am a fanboy) focused on 5 Lessons From Derby: The Significance of Al-Madinah Free School. Some tough lessons to be learned here about governance and accountability.

Then there was this great post about Daniel Willingham cautioning Michael Gove that the dependence on exams could lead to rote learning instead of deeper learning.

Oxford, one of the “bastions of British education”, weighed in on the debate about GCSE and A Level reform and how it could wreak havoc on the education system.

There were some great posts on learning online this week. The first focused on why some excel at maths why others don’t. A great insight into how we speak about reward and failure.

The other article was by a biology professor who took to task, what some have described as eugenics by another name, the assertion by former education advisor Dominic Cummings that intelligence was genetic.
Anyone who asserts that educational attainment is in large part inherited needs a lesson in modern genetics. Or in other words, “What you talking about you plunker!”

… a balanced commentary on the news that one school is banning slang in its corridors, and a post that advises teachers not to fret about Oftsed.

(Update: I suggested in an earlier edit that Michael Gove was the longest serving post war Education Secretary, this article places him a mere 8th on the all time list)


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