No Offense, but…

.. has got to be one of the biggest setups for an insult. In my childhood it was the setup for other students for jokes they wanted to make on race or class. When I see such a line typed on social media I get flashbacks and think “Oh here we go!”

On the flip side I realise that I have been a bit tame in writing blog posts on things that I am quite passionate about. Almost scared of offending. Whilst I am quite open, I do tend to hold back a bit just in case I might slightly upset someone. I have been tentative to talk about

* feminism from a mans point of view

* race without addressing privilege

* religion in case I upset Muslim, Christians [insert faith]

* apartheid in Israel and Australia in case I offend friends

* education in case I offend some teachers.

I think you get the point.

Well, no offense but…. the gloves are off now. If I am going to be true to self and deliver posts the title of the blog suggests, then the content should always be driven and opinionated. Hitting home like the effect of a strong caffeinated hot beverage. That is not to say that there will not be due care taken when voicing the articles. I don’t believe in being inflammatory for the sake of it just to get more hits on the blog. I am talking more about speaking to truth as I see it and leaving it out there to percolate.

Oh and I will be doing more video posts too.

Happy new year.


One thought on “No Offense, but…

  1. As a feminist Jew with a tiny zionist leaning, I’m never offended by what anyone honestly has to say on a subject – whatever it is! Angry responses never helped contribute to any dialogue, but informed discussion always does. I look forward to a year of gloves-off posts.

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