I Don’t Respect Your Religion

At the beginning of my journey away from organised religion, I used to say that even though I disagreed with peoples religion, that I respected their religion.

I think I lied.

Walk with me.

The dictionary defines respect, as a verb, to feel or show deferential regard for; esteem.
And as a noun, it is defined as A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem; The state of being regarded with honour or esteem.

I cannot respect your religion if

– your religion advocates the annihilation of all who don’t believe in your God.
– your religion requires that you deny or separate from your family to follow it
– your religion at its core promotes gender inequality and in fact suppresses any form of female expression and leadership
– your religion does not acknowledge or treat non-heteronormative relationships as equal
– your religion promotes or is sympathetic to slavery
– your religion promotes social stratification by caste or class
– your religion says/implies that if you leave the fellowship/religion that you are shunned
– your religion whilst pretending to be universal is actually targeted at a small select bunch and has – arbitrary to rules to keep members in and non members out
– your religion has a God that advocates genocide
– your religion promotes that prayer trumps scientifically proven methods of dealing with illness

I can respect you as a friend and colleague, or indeed a stranger, and your right to a religious belief, but I cannot truly say I respect your religion if at advocates one or more of the above.

And so it begins.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Respect Your Religion

  1. My biggest issue with respecting religion is that a number of these institutionalized religions stifle proper education and thus the progress of the entire species, which to me is the grossest of abominations.

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