Why Must They Keep Turning the Other Cheek?

How many times are we expected to get people to turn the other cheek when constantly faced by the ignorance of fans? Why should we expect them to deal with this torrent of abuse that we would not expect in our job or work?

The basket baller Marcus Smart snapped when confronted with a suggested racist taunt from a fan.

Whilst I don’t think he should of hit the fan, what is done to protect people in this arena from such behaviour not accepted in any other place of work?

I remember in my teens questioning my own Sunday League football coach as to whether he knew what it was like to be constantly called coon and nigger and being threatened to have your sambo legs broken and still remain calm.

Should it take actions like Kevin Prince Boatengs to drive the message home

Or threats like Balotelli’s to walk off the pitch in order to drive the message home

If this kind of intolerance does raise it’s head on race, it’s no wonder that so many professional sports players leave the game rather than openly talk about their sexual orientation. Of course we want our heroes in sports to act like ideal role models under constant pressure week in week out and try to justify such abuse with high wages. But how much longer will people continue to turn their cheek when the powers that be hardly do much to prevent this behaviour from the grass roots of their fan base?

Or maybe people just want to see more of this?


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