Malcolm Didn’t Die For This

Is this really what hip hop has come too?


2 thoughts on “Malcolm Didn’t Die For This

  1. This is so sad.. It’s really a crime shame that society says this is music to be played and enjoyed..the only to stop the madness is to not buy it.. but it seems it’s getting worse.. smh.. sniff, sniff..

  2. Wow! It is sad that rap has come to this. I cant and wont call this Hip Hop because its definitely far from that. Its also sad that the people that listen to this foolishness think that this is music and appropriate at that. Not saying that I don’t use the word at times but to make a song that basically consists of this word is beyond ignorant. Smh. Maybe it was part of her sick twisted marketing scheme but to drop this during Black History Month tells a lot about her.

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