This Week in Education – 23.02.14

There have been some seriously good education blogs this week. I mean loads of good ones from teachers and journalists alike. Although there were a lot to choose from these were the ones that got me the most this week.

How Privatization Perverts Education is a good treatise on how easily private companies can skew the purpose of egalitarian education. While this is primarily about America those who are not fans of academies will probably see parallels.

In Pupil Premium DeputyJohn lets rip on the schools who abuse the system. As teachers I think more should read it. As an outside educator I cannot help but agree more. I cringe at those education companies who only target pupil premium as a means of getting their programmes funded.

Ofsted and Judging Lessons. Great write up by Ross Morrison McGill aka Teacher Toolkit on the visit to OFSTED. What is encouraging is that he and other bloggers have got OFSTED and DofE to actually listen to some of the issues so many others of my teacher friends say is the bane of inspections. Lesson Grading.

I am forever tackling students about equality. Tackling Homophobia in Schools by head guru teachers focuses on the resources that teachers (and I believe parents) can adopt in getting students (and adults) to be more aware of and sensitive to homophobic language and behaviour.

Finally, a sobering story. Hard Times from Howard University focuses on the changing landscape of America’s most famous black historical college. An interesting insight into the racially divisive world of education in the country.


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