Does it Matter if You Are Black or White?

Michael Jackson sang that it didn’t.
Yet again there are those who argue that it did actually matter to him. Percolate on that one.

There is something peculiar about the need for various countries, cultures and economies around the globe to classify citizens or groups by race categories. In doing so these categorisations have an impact how such groups are perceived whether through education, employment opportunities, law and order and mass media.

To be fair it is not so peculiar when you realise the link between race and economics.
Most of the imperial or colonial juggernauts that cut a swathe of exploratory and economic dominance over the last few centuries did so with a race superiority complex. The effects of which are still being felt in a post colonial world. Regardless of independence.

I am still perplexed why there really has to be racial groupings. Well actually I think I do know. Such a taxonomy only serves social constructs as opposed to real scientific ones. Regardless of the fact that within racial groups there are more similarities between otherwise ethnic groups than the broader grouping of race actually allows for.

Whilst Martin Luther King had a dream where black and white kids could hold hands, etc, I wonder if the dream could be extended to erasing racial categorisation in the first place.

Does it matter if you are black or white?
Essentially not. Not from a human perspective, but history and the structures that exist in socio, economic and political ruling classes would probably beg to differ. Until then‎


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