This Week in Education – 09.03.14

I have had a brilliant run of speaking and workshops in education.
From running a series of leadership programmes for heads all the way through to delivering study skills workshops for year 11s getting ready for their final GCSEs.

The world of education (past the politics) is so mind vast and exciting and enthralling. Each time you think you have learned something about the inner workings of schools, colleges whether here in the UK or abroad, you realise there is still much to learn. So here goes.

The Story behind the SAT Overhaul is a look at the journey in the US of rethinking the whole process of the Scholastic Aptitude Testing, or SAT for students. Intriguing read into how the College Board faced this challenge. No doubt someone, somewhere in the DofE is reading this too.

How Do I Improve As A Teacher is a summary of speech given at the Pedagoo London (who names these…never mind). I know these good for teachers, but for external educators these kinds of posts are priceless. We get a real sense of how we compliment the existing work being done by teachers. Thank you Harry Fletcher-Wood.

This week I have been having some interesting conversations around career pathways to headship. From those who have been balancing the ever changing needs of education to those who are fast tracked. I have always been intrigued as to the balance between teaching and leading a school. Headguru teacher gives us a peak behind that curtain, in A Week in the Life of a HeadTeacher. Honest. Open. Intriguing.

As another intriguing insight caught this old one about life as an asst head teacher from the Secret Teacher

Finally a sobering post on the rise of Mental Illness in Academia. There is something wrong when the marketisation of your profession is driving you to depression and other mental disorders and people just want you to “keep your chin up”.

Enjoy the reads, and thank you teachers and educators for inspiring. Keeps us educators on our toes.


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