Socialism is not Dead

This week saw the passing of two giants of left wing politics.
Tony Benn and Bob Crow were definitely titans, and like all humans they had their flaws.
They took their roles as spokespeople for those who voted them seriously.

Tony Benn

Tony Benn was an ardent fighter for equality, holding democratically elected people accountable and not being afraid of speaking out against racism. He was not working class by any measure but definitely was not afraid to challenge the system.

Bob Crowe

Likewise Bob Crow, who would probably be more known for strikes on the tube, he tirelessly worked for those who elected him. No one would bat an eyelid if someone in banking got £50,000 for shifting money around but it smacks of hypocrisy when people want to criticise tube drivers. He grew the RMT membership from 57,000 members in 2002 to more than 80,000.

Both of these men leave a void, and a refreshing challenge to both the right wing Tory element of politics and the hodge lodge that remains of the Labour and Liberal parities. Socialism is not dead but they have left a void for sure.


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