Nothing to Lose in Palestine

The narrative of discord in Palestine is nothing new.
Innocent Arabic and Jewish lives being lost because of hatred and racial enmity goes way back to the beginning of the last century (and possibly before).
I guess we recognise it more now with extensive mass media and social media coverage.

The one thing that becomes even clearer to me is that both sides of this have nothing to lose.

Israel has nothing to lose.

It has the unwavering support of the major western nations. The US and UK will unwaveringly provide support of Israel in both aid and primarily military support. The Iron Dome forms but a part of the multi billion pound on Israeli military. A superior expenditure to the State of Palestine.
Israel has a superior ground, air and navy force. They have nothing to lose.
In terms of United Nations resolutions Israel has violated more than any other UN nation and has not been held accountable because they know the US will veto them
Israel has nuclear capability but unlike many others in the region has no sanctions against them
They control passage of goods, and utilities on their borders with Palestine
They have nothing to lose

Palestine has nothing to lose

It has seen it’s leading party leaders been dismissed as incompetent in spite of elections
It has seen property and land and access to utilities denied to them in spite of legitimate protests
Palestinian citizens have been deported and have seen their rights under the Fourth Geneva Convention
abused but watched as the UN did nothing to prevent this
The Palestines are lead by hardliners who want nothing else than to eliminate Jews from what they consider was homeland stolen from them by a succession of empires
They fire rockets into Israel even though they know they will be eliminated by the iron dome because they have nothing to lose

The history is so twisted and dark and bloody that it doesn’t matter who is in charge of Israel. It doesn’t matter who is elected as leaders of Palestine. On both sides while there are those who will buck the trend and desire peace so much hurt and pain exists cheek by jowl. Infidels. Terrorists. Dogs and so many other epithets get thrown around you come to realise.

When you come from such a place of pain, misused power and no accountability to others, you will fire missiles from one side, fire back missiles in retaliation and regardless of what the worldwide media, United Nations, or anyone else has to say, you will constantly blame the other party for the problems, without also taking into account your own responsibility. Regardless of this it will have no affect on you.

Simply because you have nothing to lose.


2 thoughts on “Nothing to Lose in Palestine

  1. The Nazis were never “the German everyday population”. The Nazis were always a separate group of Jews who engineered that their own stronghold was created in such a way so that no-one dares to question their identity anymore (looks at you, U.S.). They’re doing this to their own people because they hate that the latter exist. “Israel” my arse. “Israel” is actually supposed to mean “The People of Goddess Isis”. Now they’ve changed that name once again to “terrorist group from Middle East”, just to keep everyone confused.

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