The Illusion of Choice

In the west,
If we want to search online we probably default to Google
We probably buy books, electronics and a host of other equipment from Amazon or Ebay
We probably pay for electronic goods through Paypal or Visa
We probably buy most of our online tickets through Ticketmaster
Most of the print, radio and visual news media is controlled by five or so media companies
The battle for our phone operating systems is between Android and iOs
When we go to vote it’s usually betwixt the dominant left or right political parties
Most of our food and drink in supermarkets are controlled by about seven main food companies
The diamond market is not controlled by any of the main countries where it can be found
Getting the best state education for your child depends on how well you know the system from primary to uni

It’s funny how easy it is to think that we have all this choice, when in reality much of it is an illusion
An illusion whose limits are only exceeded by access to information and money.


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