This Week in Education | 07.02.2015

This week I made the decision to restart the weekly curation of education blogs that have got my attention. Mostly focusing on the political aspect of education than the classroom practice here are some of the ones that got my attention. By that I mean I read them more than once.

Tom Bennett leads with his post Don’t Stay in School – Inspirational Teacher Bashing. A response to this popular youtube video

The College of Teaching is a body that has been championed (and rejected) by a number of teachers in the UK. One whose aims is to provide professionalism and a voice for teachers. Former teacher David Weston argues an all inclusive membership model whilst a current teacher wants none of it, if it includes none teachers in its membership.

I am always skeptical of those who push education as a leveller for social mobility. Especially in class driven cultures where private education prevails as much as state schools. That said this piece in the New York times about The Power of a Simple Nudge definitely leaves food for thought and in addressing some of this. Conversely this article shows how one supposed leveller, that of coding for free, is far from equal.

Talking of technology this article by Wired about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the Classroom, looks at the value of students using devices in class. Being a tech mag it is in favour of course but it’s an interesting insight none the less.

BBC Education looks at the concern that “Too many teenagers in England are dropping out of school or college or failing to pass their courses, because of poor advice”. That being advice being career advice.

Being me it’s hard not to read education pieces without discussing race as well as class. The independent raises a point that there are 17 female black professors across the UK! The broadcaster Dotun Adebayo laments the advice that black parents give to their kids that “a good education will give you a good job”.

Finally blogger Leading Learner addresses the whole issue around British values in education and the Guardian ponders why so many universities are in fear of real free speech on campus


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