A Year Without God

Today I was pleased to learn that Ryan Bell has successfully crowd funded his documentary A Year Without God.

Having had a few good conversations with Ryan I think the timing for this documentary is good to encourage debate about leaving religion and embracing a life without belief in a higher power.

A number of years ago when I officially walked away from religion I wanted to do a lecture series and a documentary called Losing My Religion. Highlighting some of the personal struggles I had rejecting faith and the thirty something years of dogma and religiosity that shaped my world view. Whilst I am not an atheist, I am ignostic, the successful funding of this film has rekindled the spark to do something. Especially around the conversation of the deeply religious African and Caribbean communities which shaped my world view and still does shape many of those around me.

As my eldest daughter embarks on a career as a film producer/director I think this could be the right time to revisit this. We shall see. 


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