Why Labour needs Jeremy Corbyn

There is definitely a new wind of change that has blown through the Labour party hierarchy. Today with at least sixty percent of the vote Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour party. For the record this should be noted that it is a greater margin of victory than when Tony Blair won the Labour leadership and three times more votes than both Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper. A stunning victory. Winning in the first round.

Tory supporters rub their hands in glee saying this has destined Labour to the political wilderness.
Labour politicians, many who could still be defined as Blairites or New Labour, quit or refused to serve in his cabinet. Yvette Cooper, Tristram Hunt, Liz Kendall, Emma Reynolds, Jamie Reed, Chris Leslie, Ed Miliband and Chukka Umunna have all counted themselves out of serving in a shadow cabinet. (Personally I think Umunna is biding his time. Machievelli moves)

Many commentators await what will happen at the dispatch box for question time. Awaiting the approach of untested opposition leader who will go up against the more familiar adversary David Cameron.

Thing is even with all this negativity here is why I am a fan of his winning.

It has been a long time since we have seen a Labour leader that stood on revolutionary principles that the party was founded on. A long time since a leader was around whose policies weren’t so close to the Tories that you couldn’t tell the difference.
A mighty long time.

It’s easy to be smug that his victory can be rubbed in the new face of Blair, Brown, Beckett and other former New Labour advocates, but better still to look at some of his policies

Granted that some of the views around corporation and personal tax rates may scare some, and his approach to foreign policy is a tad scary. Especially around Russia. But to be fair the foreign policy adopted by the UK has been somewhat scary for a while.

He wants to get rid of extortionate student fees for universities.
He wants a fully funded NHS and to tackle mental illness as a priority
He wants to stay in a reformed EU where the social charter for workers remain a priority
He voted against the government on the Welfare Bill

So the Tory government will get a challenge, and maybe (God forbid) they stay in power for three terms, as previous Labour and Tory governments have done, but by jove at least there will be some worthwhile opposition from Labour and, lest we forget, the SNP too.

Politics just got exciting and challenging again.


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