The Illuminati | The Worlds Worst Secret

You know I am always fascinated about those who talk about the Illuminati. Who are these dudes? What influence do they have on the world? Why are so many people obsessed with from having them on watch to appearing to be vigilant on our behalf.

Without any embarassment I have previously bought into a number of theories attributed to them and the new world order. Whether previously in church or as a general discussion with others who really love conspiracy theories.  When I go to schools and colleges and deliver speaking and listening programmes to students this subject almost always rares its head. Whether it’s talk about the rampant symbolism from most of todays most popular music artists to conspiracy theories around the moon landing, presidents in the US to film, TV and almost all influential media. Some of the most prevalent images is that sparks these conversations are like the pyramid shapes popularised by say Kanye West, Jay Z or Rhianna or the common left eye symbol that so many actors and musicians tend to be fond of like Emma Watson (pictured) and lets not forget the US dollar bill.

For the purpose of this article I aim not to prove or disprove them but just explore our fascination with the concepts. So let’s have a little peak into the world worst secret.

So who are the Illuminati?
The Perfectibilists was the original name for the Bavarian Illuminati. A group formed of free thinkers who modelled there group on Freemasonry. The Bavarian Illuminati were disbanded in Europe but many suggest that the pillars of this group is what shapes the concept of a secret society or modern Illuminati that exists today.

So let’s look at the common traits of what I have gathered from many writers, theorists, religious and non believers say make up this modern Illuminati.

  1. There are thirteen Illuminati families (Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, vanDuyn and Meorvingian)
  2. You cannot join the illuminati you are born into it by bloodline.
  3. It is driven by Occultic and Jewish Kabbala principles.
  4. They control and influence the economy, media and politics
  5. They are in relentless pursuit of a One World Government or New World Order
  6. They are racist and eugenicists

There are more I suppose but for the purpose of this article I think it is important to establish these core.

New World Order
NovusOrdoSeclorumSo let’s focus on point five for a minute. Those who study and theorise about the Illuminati suggest that there is a relentless pursuit of a one world government controlled by them. Citing The Bildeberg Group, The UN, Hollywood, IMF, various freemasonry and secret societes and  Global Banking as instruments to implement this order.

The Bildebergs is an invitation only group made up of the bankers, politicians and industrialists in the West who apparently meet in secret to discuss world socio-economic policies. Dennis Healey a former member is quoted as saying “To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.” (Source. Guardian Newspaper)

The UN many suggest was implemented after the World Wars of the last century to implement this New World Order agenda. World Banks create financial surges and crises. IMF picks up the pieces lending money at extortionate rates to developing countries. Hollywood pushes an Illuminati agenda with symbols, signs and hidden messages. Freemasons and their lesser sororities and fraternities in the leading universities and colleges around the developed world. Again with signage and secret societies to further their aim.

Now we have more or less established the precepts and concepts on what the Illuminati is built on here is my response.

Fact or Fear?
In the build up to writing this article I got into a number of debates with people online, had some very interesting IM chats and emails as well as the incredibly overwhelming content on Youtube and other social networks and forum with theories and ‘concrete evidence’ to prove that the Illuminati exists. There are those who are adamant that people like me who will call these theories into question are in denial. Others who believe I am incredibly patient to engage in dialogue with what they see as religious and other crackpots who will stretch circular logic to incredible extents. I believe it is important to see both sides of the argument.

So let’s for a minute agree run with a couple assumptions that the Illuminati in whatever capacity people suggest does exist. That they are responsible for the shaping of social and economic landscape. They will exercise a 1984 style rule of the world and that Hollywood and the music industry has dropped numerous hints in their various dystopian visions of the future. They shape children’s TV and thus future thinking.
How do you know such a body exists? Where do they meet? Who got access to such minutes of this meeting? If they are so skillful and observant of all communication who got away with sharing this information without being bumped?

This is not to suggest that organisations don’t exist to manipulate culture. There is much evidence to show how post colonial countries are still being shaped by those European countries which once owned them. From Palestine to DR Congo to Peru the cultural, political and socio-economic agendas are still being influenced by those permanent members of the UN Council and latterly the imperialist agendas of the United States and China. There is no doubting that various fraternities be they religious, secular or both have influenced nations all over the developed world. From Peking to Washington to London to Vatican City. My bugbear is how this is all being shovelled into one unproveable funnel which spills out into a cup called the Illuminati.

If it is a secretive and closed cabal how the heck do so many people know what they are up to? That’s not really a secret is it?
Without a doubt one cannot help but raise an eyebrow at the increasing rise of symbolism of all seeing eyes, pyramids, skulls, crossbones, coats of arms and androids that was once the preserve of secret societies permeating all forms of popular culture from music to fashion to childrens TV. On the one hand we could call go all Da Vinci Code on everything we see and conclude this part of a new world order shaped by a few families of European heritage and a couple Chinese thrown in for good measure. Or on the other hand we can see it as people using this platform as a means to put people into a state of fear of something that for all intents and purposes does not even exist.

I take issue with my friends who see this purely from a religious point of view too. If you don’t believe, like I do, that the occult, Satanism or Luciferian conspiracies are nothing but tools to instil fear you have already lost those who are seeking concrete evidence. Some of the people who are supposed to be Illuminati are clearly atheistic so where does the whole spiritual angle come in? Or is that a convenience or part of the sequence that makes the proponetns polysyllogism complete? If one doesnt believe or care for the existence of a God or reptilian invasions then something else must be put in place as a sensible ingredient for discourse. It also neuters the whole concept of divine providence if Satan can roughshod over the state of world affairs for the best part of the last three centuries? See where I am going here.

What Can You Do?illuminati
Thing is this, I don’t really care if the Illuminati exists or doesn’t. If a bunch of overpaid entertainers love shoving their hands over their eyes or having baphomet (goat to you), skulls and other necrophile imagery over their work then I can chose to consume or avoid. I can also ask questions to those who will continue to listen to these artists of watch films and shows as to whether or not they feel they have a real negative impact on their lives. If Obama and Cameron and their crew are pushing such an agenda and they are part of a cartel of educated and primped agents to implement in the gender across all areas of society what can I honestly do? What can we do?

Of course I am not going to sit back and not speak out on social injustice or not provide social commentary and where possible take action to address such issues within my sphere of influence. The whole thrust of this blog is about being able to take issue with ideas across our cultural landscape. I will continue to do it, but whether or I can make a huge dent on the institutions that have been pushing through unfair agendas for years, I know I cannot.

So I will happily debate with those who continue to believe in the existence of the Illuminati and at best provide shaky evidence to substantiate it. I have seen most of the sites from David Icke to Alex Jones and many others in between, but for me, until I have concrete evidence I could care either way.


6 thoughts on “The Illuminati | The Worlds Worst Secret

  1. Much as most right minded thinking people should view this subject! However, i do like the idea of the iluminati or whetever as it does create good story lines for books/films, so from that point of view I would continue to propergate the theory! Enjoyed reading your blog

  2. Yeah, I used to buy into it too, for about 2 years in all.
    There’s some Logical vs. Syllogical elites. Our world has been ruled by the Syllogical for a long time, and they’re the ones who fear the emergence of the Logical. All “platforms”, as it were, have always rightly belonged to the Logical (and were stolen from them). So we need to ask about the primary nature of the symbols. Never mind what a person’s small ego has imagined about them. (Biggest example is the swastika: it’s mind-boggling how in this day and age, so few yet know about what that really was, before being corrupted. Or for example, a “Phoenix” is neither a printing company nor an American city, primarily).

    The illuminati theory is a tool to instill fear of accessing our own, human legacy. Proponents of this theory often contradict themselves, and/or become the otherwise non-existent illuminati of nightmare. I.e. they spread fear and the sense of helplessness in the face of “something so intricate that no-one can withstand”… etc. That’s syllogical nonsense because every person has a sphere of influence which they can make positive or negative. If the illuminati do exist (note: as proposed by the theory, which is merely an internet joke), then they are paying guys like Icke to spread disinformation. None of his research is valid, because “reptilians” and such never existed, simply the basic translation is wrong (the correct term is “serpents of fire” and they’re the energy forms of actual humans, denoting a male and female nature molded into one – just the ancients way of explaining someone who is gay, etc). The only conceptual “reptilian” refers to a connection (via pineal gland) with Earth mother Geea/Gaya.

    We need to question the obvious circularity of argument: “if we now know for sure that racism is evil, then what is the point of trying to learn the methods devised by racist folks?” and “If you know that worshiping a mere entertainer as a god is wrong, then what is the point of analyzing their symbolism to support a theory where your designated role is precisely to worship them?”. For all I can gather by interaction, transmitting these symbols is a call to SEE, that the forces you thought were immovable, are actually humans too. (That’s the only “secret”. And there is no secret. Everything is known). This has a positive influence, doesn’t it?

    Thirdly: Baphomet and the like represent “the people who were dominated and abused by the syllogical elites”. Bringing their imagery in totally fits with the religious idea that there’s a cycle and we all get what’s coming to us. They are ANTI-worship symbols. So in this sense they are good friends of positive religion, and enemies of false worship – which is totally cool.

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